The customers have spoken!! And we have listened! Right now you can help show your support of the "Spice Life" New Pepper Variety Development project going on here at Bakers Peppers! We are raising funds to get more space to further our development projects...Come out and show your support! We really appreciate it!! 

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LIVE PLANTS ARE NOW ON PRESALE!! Ship in April 2015!! These current sale prices end on Dec 1st, and go UP from then forward!! Visit the "Live Plants" section for details...Theres also the "Monthly Pepper Package" available right now too! Limited to 50 people! Check it out! It makes a GREAT gift for ANYONE who LOVES HEAT!!



     Please read our "TERMS & CONDITIONS" page carefully, as you will be required to "check off" that you have done so in order to complete a purchase from us. We just want everyone to know the risks and such involved with purchasing "Fresh Produce" from an online supplier. We are a produce grower. We grow, harvest, & ship FRESH PEPPERS. Its just like buying produce from the market or grocery store. There may be a soft spot or something like that on a pepper, and thats just part of it. Simply wash the pepper and remove the bad spot before use just like you would ANY OTHER  fresh produce you may purchase in traditional markets/grocery stores. Remember, this is produce being shipped in a box all over the country, and sometimes one or two peppers is lost to rot or what not, this happens SOMETIMES. If your not comfortable with that slight risk PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FRESH PEPPERS FROM US!



     We ship out every Monday (Weather permitting of course, ALL orders not shipped on a Monday due to weather will ship the following Monday). All orders received before 9 p.m. EST Sunday night will ship the following morning on Monday. All  orders after that time will ship the following Monday and so on. Please read this section in the "TERMS & CONDITIONS" page as well.


     If you are a hot sauce company, or powder company, or bottler or manufacturer, or ANYONE that is interested in BULK fresh or dried product please feel free to contact me via the "Contact Us" link and in the email use the header "BULK" in your message.


     We currently only grow the TOP 15 HOTTEST peppers known to man! Last year we grew all kinds of varieties, but this year we have decided to focus on what makes Baker's Peppers stand above the rest! If you are at that point in your life when you just have a NEED to BURN, please TURN to us to fill that need! Seriously speaking here folks....you flat WILL NOT find HOTTER, FRESHER, NUCLEAR Hot Peppers ANYWHERE else on the PLANET!! 

    The Reaper 

    7 Pot Primo

    Trinidad Scorpion Moruga

    Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate

    Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

    Trinidad Scorpion Red

    7 Pot Brain Strain Red

    7 Pot Bubblegum

    7 Pot Merlot

    Bhut Jolokia "Ghost" Red

    Bhut Jolokia "Ghost" Yellow

    The Jigsaw

    The Ghorpion (Ghost & Scorpion Cross)

    Naga Viper

    All above types will be available SOON!


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