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****** Attention EVERYONE!! ******


We have decided it is time................

Presenting for the first time to the public, a new pepper created by the man himself Butch Taylor!


Name: Butch Taylor Reaper Scorpion (BTR Scorpion)


Parent Varieties: Trinidad Scorpion Butch T X The Carolina Reaper


Matures from green to red.

Approximately 155 days to harvest (In Florida)


Heat Level: No testing done yet for S.H.U. but I have personally had two fresh samples, Pods sent to me from Butch T and the ones I've grown myself from those seeds. I myself, as well as Butch Taylor, feel these will eventually knock the Carolina Reaper off its throne! I would estimate these at around 2.5 million S.H.U. if I had to guess a number! My mouth has NEVER felt a burn like these peppers produce! Look out Mr. Currie......There's a NEW pepper on the block!! The BTR Scorpion!!!!!



Special thanks to the MAN himself Butch Taylor! His contributions to the Pepper community have been HUGE and we appreciate ALL his hard work and dedication!! I think we all as pepper people should tip our hats to the man, the legend, the pepper GURU.....Butch Taylor!



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     We currently only grow the TOP 15 HOTTEST peppers known to man! Last year we grew all kinds of varieties, but this year we have decided to focus on what makes Baker's Peppers stand above the rest! If you are at that point in your life when you just have a NEED to BURN, please TURN to us to fill that need! Seriously speaking here flat WILL NOT find HOTTER, FRESHER, NUCLEAR Hot Peppers ANYWHERE else on the PLANET!! 

    The Reaper 

    7 Pot Primo

    Trinidad Scorpion Moruga

    Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate

    Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

    Trinidad Scorpion Red

    7 Pot Brain Strain Red

    7 Pot Bubblegum

    7 Pot Merlot

    Bhut Jolokia "Ghost" Red

    Bhut Jolokia "Ghost" Yellow

    The Jigsaw

    The Ghorpion (Ghost & Scorpion Cross)

    Naga Viper

    All above types will be available SOON!


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