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      Welcome to BakersPeppers.com! We welcome all of the users who found us! On other websites such as FaceBook & Twitter or through internet search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! We welcome everyone from "The Ring Of Fire" as well. Im sure we are forgetting some of the places you can find us, but thank you for finding us however you did! :) We are a Spice Company located in Land O' Lakes, Fl and we grow nothing but the HOTTEST Peppers on the PLANET!! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, we sell through this website we grow right here in our nursery! We purchased original seed stock from the TOP reputable Chilli seed Companies, and then have now grown our own from them. Now we sell everything grown by Bakers Peppers LLC ONLY! If we didn't grow it, we aren't selling it......PERIOD! We pride ourselves on "Bringing The Heat" to any occasion you may stumble upon, along with fast shipping and quality products! Be confident in your purchase here at BakersPeppers.com, and also, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the website. Our website is Secure and Protected/Verified by GoDaddy.com and PayPal is proudly accepted here! Thanks and enjoy looking around the website, we have everything from Seeds, Plants, Peppers, and Dried/Preserves. Just click the links below to navigate the site! If you have ANY questions please feel free to use the "Contact Us" link or you can email me directly at Dale@BakersPeppers.com... Enjoy :)


Website Abreviations:

SFRB = Small Flat Rate Box from USPS

MFRB = Medium Flat Rate Box from USPS (Holds 6 SFRB)

Each SFRB holds about 20-30 peppers, depending on type! 




Store Sections:




     Please read our "TERMS & CONDITIONS" page carefully, as you will be required to "check off" that you have done so in order to complete a purchase from us. We just want everyone to know the risks and such involved with purchasing "Fresh Produce" from an online supplier.


     We ship out every Monday (Weather permitting of course, ALL orders not shipped on a Monday due to weather will ship the following Monday). All orders received before 9 p.m. EST Sunday night will ship the following morning on Monday. All  orders after that time will ship the following Monday and so on. Please read this section in the "TERMS & CONDITIONS" page as well.


     If you are a hot sauce company, or powder company, or bottler or manufacturer, or ANYONE that is interested in BULK fresh or dried product please feel free to contact me via the "Contact Us" link and in the email use the header "BULK" in your message. I will get back to you ASAP with a formal quote on the amount you may be interested in. Please list the type u are interested in and the quantity in your original email. We consider "BULK" orders to be 25 lbs or more, and this is the level in which we can issue a cheaper price per pound. All orders less than 25 lbs will be the current seasonal price per pound (Email me for a quote). Thanks and we hope to do business with your company in the very near future!


     We currently only grow the TOP 15 HOTTEST peppers known to man! Last year we grew all kinds of varieties, but this year we have decided to focus on what makes Baker's Peppers stand above the rest! If you are at that point in your life when you just have a NEED to BURN, please TURN to us to fill that need! Seriously speaking here folks....you flat WILL NOT find HOTTER, FRESHER, NUCLEAR Hot Peppers ANYWHERE else on the PLANET!! 

    The Reaper 

    7 Pot Primo

    Trinidad Scorpion Moruga

    Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate

    Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

    Trinidad Scorpion Red

    7 Pot Brain Strain Red

    7 Pot Bubblegum

    7 Pot Merlot

    Bhut Jolokia "Ghost" Red

    Bhut Jolokia "Ghost" Yellow

    The Jigsaw

    The Ghorpion (Ghost & Scorpion Cross)

    Naga Viper

    All above types will be available SOON!


                                      Florida Nursery Registration #48013904


    These listed types above "come and go" as far as availablility goes, so please just shoot me an email if your interested.