Big Yellow Mama - 20+ Seeds
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This listing is for ONE (1) pack of Big Yellow Mama Seeds! Each pack contains 20+ seeds. This variety will grow from seed to harvest in approx 175 days. The peppers will mature from Green to Yellow in color. The Yellow varieties are GREAT for making ANY seafood or chicken dishes, as well as HOT sauce!! Order some and try your hand at growing them in your garden!!

Created By Troy Primo (Primeaux)

 The Internet is a GREAT tool for finding more specific info on ANY given variety of pepper we grow. We also have more pictures of each variety we grow on our Facebook page as well. Stop by and give us a "Like"... we also offer special deals and coupon codes strictly for our Facebook fans! :) Check it out!!

  • Item #: HPS-BYM
  • Manufacturer: Baker's Peppers LLC

Big Yellow Mama - 20+ Seeds

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