SUPER MEGA Garden O' Plants 2018
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These plants ship in the FIRST WEEK OF JUNE 2019! Please ADVISE!!

 We decided to offer a SUPER MEGA sized box of LIVE PLANTS! In this box you will get 15 different 3-packs of LIVE ROOTED 4" tall plants! The 15 different 3-packs are listed below. This is a complete NUCLEAR HOT PEPPER garden in a BOX! A total of 45 plants!

 Types included: 3 Plants of each listed below....TOTAL OF 45 PLANTS Included!!

Bhutlah BubbleGum 7 Pot Chocolate, Bhutlah BubbleGum 7 Pot Red, Big Yellow Mama, Bleeding Borg 9 Red, Borg 9 Chocolate, Borg 9 Red, Kraken Scorpion Chocolate, Apocalypse Scorpion Red, "Long Tailed" Scorpion Orange, Naga BubbleGum 7 Pot Peach, Naga BubbleGum 7 Pot Red, The REAPER Peach, The Reaper Red, Scotch Brain Strain Yellow, The Ghorpion Yellow


Order yours TODAY!! :)

 The Internet is a GREAT tool for finding more specific info on ANY given variety of pepper we grow. We also have more pictures of each variety we grow on our Facebook page as well. Stop by and give us a "Like"... we also offer special deals and coupon codes strictly for our Facebook fans! :) Check it out!!



  • Item #: LP-SMGOP
  • Manufacturer: Baker's Peppers LLC

SUPER MEGA Garden O' Plants 2018

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