Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Fresh Peppers - 1 SFRB
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     These are the "Former" OFFICIAL hottest peppers on the PLANET!! According to Guiness World Records! We have them available by the Small FRB. We STRONGLY suggest you excercise caution when handling these peppers and also when eating them! These guys weigh in at over 2+ Million SHU and they pack a HUGE heat burst!! Order yours today!! 25-30 Peppers per order!!

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***There will be pepper variation in all our boxes....for example (Trinidad Scorpion Moruga) every pod will not have the exact same wrinkles and stinger tail as the next...They just vary a little from pepper to pepper but ALL come from the same plants "Trinidad Scorpion Moruga".

  • Item #: TSMR-1SFRB
  • Manufacturer: Baker's Peppers LLC

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Fresh Peppers - 1 SFRB

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